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Joni Mitchell - Love Has Many Faces + Joni - The Joni Mitchell Sessions Book Bundle

Joni Mitchell
Joni Mitchell - Love Has Many Faces + Joni - The Joni Mitchell Sessions Book Bundle


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This EXCLUSIVE bundle includes Love Has Many Faces in 8LP OR 4CD format along with the Joni - The Joni Mitchell Session Book by photographer Norman Seeff. Also included are 2 Bonus 11"x14" prints from Norman Seeff. 

LOVE HAS MANY FACES - On vinyl for the first time as a limited-edition, 8LP boxed set. Limited to 5,000 individually numbered copies, the set is presented in a hard-bound deluxe folio package. It includes 53 songs on eight 180-gram LPs. Etchings of Mitchell’s artwork are featured on four individual album sides, each one signifying the end of an act in the ballet.

It truly is an artist-curated collection. Mitchell selected the material from 40 years of recording. She designed the package, which includes a book containing 53 lyrical poems, six paintings, and an autobiographical text illuminating her recording process. It is funny, mystical, and informative.

Mitchell organized the music into different thematic acts, which allowed her songs to interact with one another in a whole new way. The process, she says, was a lot like making a film. “I had forty years of footage to review. Then, suddenly, scenes began to hook up. Then series began to form. Instead of it being an emotional roller coaster ride as it was before—crammed into one disc—themes began to develop. Moods sustained. I was getting there…When this long editorial process (two years) finally came to rest, I had four ballets or a four-act ballet—a quartet. I also had a box set.”

From Norman Seeff:

"Beginning in 1972 and for a period of 15 years, I photographed Joni twelve times and filmed four of our Sessions. There are certain artists who by their nature, engage the innate powers and strengths of human creativity and function at the higher reaches of human potential.

In my long-term collaboration with Joni, I was able to experience those defining qualities, demonstrated and actively expressed in our Sessions. Joni brought with her the innate characteristics of those who are committed to their true calling.

In revisiting my archives, and uncovering the narrative arc of our journey together, came a deeper appreciation of the integrity of Joni as the Boundary Dweller artist who touched me deeply with her unwavering passion and courage to explore beyond the boundaries...in search of the new and the more."

Limited-Edition Vinyl Boxed Set Features Mitchell-Curated Collection of 53 Songs Recorded Throughout Her Influential Career that Evoke Her Vision of Love.

52 Poems on Eight 180-Gram LPs With Fours Sides Featuring Etchings Plus An Autobiographical Novelette by Joni. Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 5,000.

Hardcover Book (11"x14”, 200 pages)

11"x14" Joni Mitchell print

11"x14" 7-Stage road map of the Boundary Dweller Archetype as exemplified by Joni. Seeff’s description of the qualities that make up the Boundary Dweller Archetype serves  as a tool to empower personal creativity. This original body of work  introduces the public to the dynamic at the core of all innovative  creativity.

Track Listing

Act 1: Birth Of Rock ’n’ Roll Days

Side A

  1. “In France They Kiss On Main Street”
  2. “Ray’s Dad’s Cadillac”
  3. “You Turn Me On I’m A Radio”
  4. “Harlem In Havana”
  5. “Car On A Hill”

Side B

  1. “Dancin’ Clown”
  2. “River”
  3. “Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody”
  4. “Harry’s House/Centerpiece”

Side C

  1. “Shades Of Scarlett Conquering”
  2. “Number One”
  3. “The Windfall (Everything For Nothing)”
  4. “Come In From The Cold”


Act 2: The Light Is Hard To Find

Side A

  1. “Court And Spark”
  2. “Not To Blame”
  3. “Nothing Can Be Done”
  4. “Comes Love”
  5. “Trouble Child”

Side B

  1. “No Apologies”
  2. “Moon At The Window”
  3. “Blue”
  4. “Tax Free”
  5. “The Wolf That Lives In Lindsey”

Side C

  1. “Hana”
  2. “Hejira”
  3. “Stay In Touch”
  4. “Night Ride Home”

 Act 3: Love Has Many Faces

Side A

  1. “You’re My Thrill”
  2. “The Crazy Cries Of Love”
  3. “Love Puts On A New Face”
  4. “Borderline”
  5. “A Strange Boy”

Side B

  1. “You Dream Flat Tires”
  2. “Love”
  3. “All I Want”
  4. “Be Cool”

Side C

  1. “Yvette In English”
  2. “Just Like This Train”
  3. “Carey”
  4. “The Only Joy In Town”

 Act 4: If You Want Me I’ll Be In The Bar

Side A

  1. “Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter”
  2. “Two Grey Rooms”
  3. “God Must Be A Boogie Man”
  4. “Down To You”
  5. “A Case Of You”

Side B

  1. “The Last Time I Saw Richard”
  2. “Raised On Robbery”
  3. “Sweet Sucker Dance”
  4. “Lakota”

Side C

  1. “Cool Water”
  2. “Amelia”
  3. “Both Sides Now”
  4. “My Best To You”