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50th Anniversary: The Collection + Signed Booklet

50th Anniversary: The Collection + Signed Booklet


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Pre-order - released on: 7/12/2019

Bundle Includes:

50th Anniversary: The Collection (3CD)   +$34.97
50th Anniversary: The Collection Signed Booklet   +$0.01

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This EXCLUSIVE 3CD bundle comes with a SIGNED booklet, only while supplies last.

This new Three-CD Compilation Spotlights The Grammy-Winning Trio’s Enduring Musical Legacy Along With Several Rare And Unreleased Recordings.

Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell and Dan Peek began in 1970 as a young, wide-eyed trio that parlayed the runaway success of their #1 single “A Horse With No Name” into a string of hits in partnership with legendary producer George Martin.

Fans embraced the group for simply being themselves: three gifted singer-songwriters with a love of soaring melodies, close harmonies, and honest expression. In the collection’s liner notes, Bunnell says: “There wasn’t any contrivance in what we did.” Beckley adds: “We didn’t start out with some grand plan – it just turned into a soundtrack for so many people’s lives. That’s something that I treat with great respect.”

The three-disc version of 50th ANNIVERSARY: THE COLLECTION brings the core of America’s recorded legacy together with choice rarities like an early studio recording of “Ventura Highway,” a live performance of “Riverside,” and an unreleased demo for the #1 hit “Sister Golden Hair.” All of the band’s Top 10 singles are included here: “Horse With No Name,” “Ventura Highway,” “Tin Man,” “Lonely People” and more.

Track Listing

CD Track Listing:


Disc One

1.            “A Horse With No Name”

2.            “I Need You”

3.            “Sandman”

4.            “Here”

5.            “Rainy Day”

6.            “Three Roses”

7.            “Riverside” (Live On BBC) *

8.            “Children” (Live On BBC) *

9.            “Everyone I Meet Is From California”

10.          “Ventura Highway”

11.          “To Each His Own”

12.          “Don’t Cross The River”

13.          “Only In Your Heart”

14.          “Cornwall Blank”

15.          “Till The Sun Comes Up Again”

16.          “Head And Heart”


Disc Two

1.            “Hat Trick”

2.            “Muskrat Love”

3.            “Green Monkey”

4.            “Submarine Ladies”

5.            “Molten Love”

6.            “It’s Life”

7.            “Rainbow Song”

8.            “She’s Gonna Let You Down”

9.            “Tin Man”

10.          “Another Try”

11.          “Lonely People”

12.          “Hollywood”

13.          “Baby It’s Up To You”

14.          “Old Man Took”

15.          “Mad Dog” (Demo) *


Disc Three

1.            “Midnight”

2.            “Sister Golden Hair”

3.            “Daisy Jane”

4.            “Woman Tonight”

5.            “Old Virginia”

6.            “Company”

7.            “Today’s The Day”

8.            “Amber Cascades”

9.            “Watership Down”

10.          “Letter”

11.          “God Of The Sun”

12.          “Political Poachers”

13.          “Sarah”

14.          “Are You There”

15.          “You Can Do Magic”

16.          “Sergeant Darkness” (Demo) *

17.          “Ventura Highway” (Early Take 4)

18.          “Sister Golden Hair” (Demo) *

19.          “A Horse With No Name” (Live)