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Minor Earth Major Sky Deluxe 2LP

Minor Earth Major Sky Deluxe 2LP


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The original album remastered on a 2-LP vinyl set.

On its release Minor Earth | Major Sky was an instant number one, platinum awarded success in Norway and in Germany. Gold discs came in Austria, Spain and Switzerland. The title track “Minor Earth | Major Sky” and “Velvet” followed “Summer Moved On” as singles, the latter hitting No. 1 in Norway and top-10 in Germany.

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Minor Earth, Major Sky (2019 Remaster)

  2. Little Black Heart (2019 Remaster)

  3. Velvet (2019 Remaster)


Side B

  1. Summer Moved On (2019 Remaster)

  2. The Sun Never Shone That Day (2019 Remaster)

  3. To Let You Win (2019 Remaster)


Side C

  1. The Company Man (2019 Remaster)

  2. Thought That It Was You (2019 Remaster)

  3. I Wish I Cared (2019 Remaster)

  4. Barely Hanging On (2019 Remaster)


Side D

  1. You'll Never Get Over Me (2019 Remaster)

  2. I Won't Forget Her (2019 Remaster)

  3. Mary Ellen Makes the Moment Count (2019 Remaster)