The Best Of Chicago: 40th Anniversary Edition CD

The Best Of Chicago: 40th Anniversary Edition CD

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1.Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is [Remastered Version] (2007)
2.No Tell Lover [Remastered Promo Version] (2007)
3.Look Away [Remastered Version] (2007)
4.Hard Habit To Break [Remastered Version] (2007)
5.Just You 'N' Me [Remastered Version] (2007)
6.Love Me Tomorrow [Remastered Version] (2007)
7.Questions 67 & 68 [Remastered Version] (2007)
8.Another Rainy Day In NYC [Remastered Version] (2007)
9.What Kind Of Man Would I Be? [Remastered Version] (2007)
11.Saturday In The Park [Remastered Version] (2007)
12.Feelin' Stronger Every Day [Remastered Version] (2007)
13.Colour My World [Remastered Version] (2007)
14.Make Me Smile [Remastered Version] (2007)
15.Baby What A Big Surprise [Remastered Version] (2007)
16.Here In My Heart [Remastered Version] (2007)
17.You're The Inspiration [Remastered Version] (2007)
18.Wishing You Were Here [Remastered Single Version] (2007)
19.You're Not Alone [Remastered Version] (2007)
20.I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love [Remastered Version] (2007)
21.(I've Been) Searchin' So Long [Remastered Version] (2007)
22.Old Days [Remastered Version] (2007)
23.Hard To Say I'm Sorry [Remastered Version] (2007)
24.Feel [w/horns] [Remastered Version] (2007)
25.Call On Me [Remastered Version] (2007)
26.Love Will Come Back [Remastered Version] (2007)
27.If You Leave Me Now
28.Will You Still Love Me? [Remastered Version] (2007)
29.25 Or 6 To 4 [Remastered Version] (2007)
30.If She Would Have Been Faithful [Remastered Version] (2007)