50 Years Of De-Evolution: 1973-2023 (4LP, Clear Vinyl)
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50 Years Of De-Evolution: 1973-2023 (4LP, Clear Vinyl)

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4LP Clear Vinyl Set
Limited & Numbered To 3,000
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DEVO marks half a century with 50 YEARS OF DE-EVOLUTION: 1973 – 2023, a new career-spanning boxed set that encompasses all of Devo’s hits and a selection of rarities.

The collection stands as a testament to the band’s legacy, compiling key tracks from all nine of Devo’s studio albums, as well as rarities like the 1974 demo for “I’m A Potato” and single mixes for “Come Back Jonee,” “Snowball,” and “What We Do.” 
. This deluxe version comes in a slipcase with a 28-page book, a Devo air freshener, and a foldable paper hat that resembles the band’s iconic red energy domes. Additionally, a lithograph of the album artwork is included.

LP One: Side One
1.    “Mongoloid” – Warner Version
2.    “Jocko Homo” – Warner Version
3.    “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”
4.    “Come Back Jonee” – Single Edit
5.    “Secret Agent Man”
6.    “The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize”

Side Two
1.    “Smart Patrol”
2.    “Girl U Want”
3.    “Whip It”
4.    “Freedom Of Choice”
5.    “Gates Of Steel”
6.    “Working In The Coal Mine”

LP Two: Side One
1.    “Beautiful World”
2.    “Jerkin’ Back ’n’ Forth”
3.    “Through Being Cool”
4.    “Love Without Anger”
5.    “Time Out For Fun”
6.    “Peek-a-Boo!”
7.    “That’s Good”

Side Two
1.    “Big Mess”
2.    “Here To Go” – Go Mix Version
3.    “Are You Experienced?”
4.    “Disco Dancer” – 7” Version
5.    “Post Post-Modern Man” – Macro Post-Modern Mix
6.    “Fresh”

LP Three: Side One
1.    “I’m A Potato” – 1974 Demo
2.    “Mongoloid” – Booji Boy Version
3.    “Jocko Homo” – Booji Boy Version
4.    “Be Stiff” – Stiff Version
5.    “Uncontrollable Urge”
6.    “Gut Feeling” / “(Slap Your Mammy)”

Side Two
1.    “Triumph Of The Will”
2.    “Soo-Bawlz”
3.    “It Takes A Worried Man”
4.    “Snowball” – Single Remix
5.    “Mr. B’s Ballroom”
6.    “Going Under”
7.    “One Dumb Thing”

LP Four: Side One
1.    “Speed Racer”
2.    “Theme From Doctor Detroit” – Dance Mix
3.    “Shout”
4.    “Puppet Boy”
5.    “I Wouldn’t Do That To You”
6.    “Bread And Butter”

Side Two
1.    “Let’s Talk”
2.    “Baby Doll – Devo Single Mix
3.    “Some Things Never Change”
4.    “What We Do” – Single Edit
5.    “No Place Like Home”
6.    “Watch Us Work It”