Symphonique (CD)
Edith Piaf

Symphonique (CD)

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Edith Piaf, performing her greatest songs 60 years after her passing, accompanied in London by a symphonic orchestra of 60 musicians... What could be considered science fiction has become a reality thanks to renowned musicians, arrangers, and sound engineers. They took on the challenge of creating new orchestrations capable of resonating with today's ears without compromising the nostalgia of their predecessors. By technically isolating her voice, they have allowed the refrains of yesteryears to prove that they remain as immortal as their interpreter. Edith Piaf's iconic voice was meticulously extracted from the original masters by a team of sound engineers working at the legendary Abbey Road studio in London. The album, on the other hand, was recorded at the prestigious AIR Studios, also located in London. The orchestra comprises carefully selected sixty musicians, forming the distinguished Legendis Orchestra. These musicians hail from some of the most prestigious English symphonic orchestras, including the London Symphonic Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and BBC Orchestra. The tracks were brilliantly arranged by Martin Batchelar, Samuel Pegg, and Nathan Stornetta.

1/ La foule
2/ Milord
3/ Mon manège à moi 
4/ Je ne regrette rien
5/ L’hymne à l’amour 
6/ L’homme à la moto 
7/ Padam Padam 
8/ Sous le ciel de Paris 
9/ Mon dieu 
10/ Notre-Dame de Paris
11/ A quoi ça sert l’amour
12/ La vie en rose