The Very Best of Peter, Paul And Mary (CD)
Peter, Paul & Mary

The Very Best of Peter, Paul And Mary (CD)

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One of the most enduring acts in American music, Peter, Paul And Mary both defined and transcended the 1960s folk revival. The trio's passionate commitment to peace and social justice made them the conscience of an era as they soulfully communicated political concerns through music in an unprecedented way. At the same time that they reached millions with their social message, they achieved phenomenal mass popularity.

Compact Disc 1
01    Early in the Morning (2004 Remaster)    
02    500 Miles (2004 Remaster)    
03    Lemon Tree (2004 Remaster)    
04    If I Had a Hammer (2004 Remaster)    
05    Where Have All the Flowers Gone (2004 Remaster)    
06    Puff, the Magic Dragon (2004 Remaster)    
07    Cruel War (Original Single Version)    
08    This Land Is Your Land (2004 Remaster)    
09    Blowin' in the Wind (2004 Remaster)    
10    Stewball (2004 Remaster)    
11    Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (2004 Remaster)    
12    For Lovin' Me (2004 Remaster)    
13    For Baby (For Bobbie) [2004 Remaster]
14    The Times They Are A-Changin' (Live Version) [2003 Remaster]
15    Early Mornin' Rain (2004 Remaster)
16    Leaving on a Jet Plane (2004 Remaster)  - By Peter, Paul & Mary
17    I Dig Rock and Roll Music (2004 Remaster)
18    Too Much of Nothing (2004 Remaster)
19    The Great Mandella (The Wheel of Life) [2004 Remaster]
20    Day Is Done (2004 Remaster)
21    El Salvador (2004 Remaster)
22    Wedding Song (There Is Love) [Remastered Version]  - By Noel Paul Stookey
23    Follow Me (Remastered)  - By Mary Travers
24    Weave Me the Sunshine (Remastered Version)  - By Peter Yarrow
25    Don't Laugh at Me (Extended Version) [2004 Remaster]