L.A. Woman Sessions (4LP)
The Doors

L.A. Woman Sessions (4LP)

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4LP. Breakout of deluxe box. Bonus content from 50th anniversary set; over 2 ½ hours of outtakes curated by Bruce Botnick. Numbered, notes cut down from deluxe box.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A    
01    The Changeling (Pt. 1) [L.A. Woman Sessions]

Side B    
01    The Changeling (Pt. 2) [L.A. Woman Sessions]
02    Love Her Madly (Pt. 1) [L.A. Woman Sessions]

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A    
01    Love Her Madly (Pt. 2) [L.A. Woman Sessions]
02    Riders On The Storm (L.A. Woman Sessions)

Side B
01    L.A. Woman (Pt. 1) [L.A. Woman Sessions]

Full Length Vinyl 3
Side A    
01    She Smells So Nice (L.A. Woman Sessions)
02    Rock Me Baby (L.A. Woman Sessions)
03    Mr. Mojo Risin' (L.A. Woman Sessions)
04    Baby Please Don't Go (L.A. Woman Sessions)
05    L.A. Woman (Pt. 2) [L.A. Woman Sessions]

01    Been Down So Long (Pt. 1) [L.A. Woman Sessions]
02    Get Out Of My Life Woman (L.A. Woman Sessions)
03    Crawling King Snake (L.A. Woman Sessions)
04    The Bastard Son Of Jimmy & Mama Reed (Cars Hiss By My Window) [L.A. Woman Sessions]
05    Mystery Train (L.A. Woman Sessions)
06    The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat) [L.A. Woman Sessions]

Full Length Vinyl 4
Side A    
01    Been Down So Long (Pt. 2) [L.A. Woman Sessions]

Side B
01    Been Down So Long (Pt. 3) [L.A. Woman Sessions]
02    Hyacinth House (Demo) [2021 Remaster]
03    Riders On The Storm (Sunset Sound Demo)